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Internet Privacy Statement

Rainbow Recovery has a strong commitment to providing excellent service to all of our friends, alumni and visitors, including respecting your concerns about privacy. We understand that you might wonder whether and how this Website collects and uses information. This statement contains numerous general and technical details about the steps we take to respect your privacy concerns.

This website does not collect any personal information from your computer when browsing this site. Unless you give us written permission to post information on our Alumni Information Form or request a reply using one of our feedback or reply forms, we will not know your name, your e-mail address, or any other information that identifies you.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address:
An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer every time you browse the Internet. When you request a page from our site, our server logs your current IP address. We would only use your IP address to help diagnose problems that affect the integrity of our computer systems, not for personal identification of any users.

Our website uses temporary "cookie" technology in the Virtual Tour section our site. "Cookies" are strings of text that a Website stores on a user's computer. Cookies enable a website to keep track of a user's preferences and activities relating to that website. Our website creates a temporary cookie - one that expires when you turn off your browser - to facilitate your visit. Because these cookies are only temporarily placed on your hard drive, they do not enable us, or anyone else, to build or maintain profiles of your activities over time and across websites.

Information Needed to Execute the Transaction You Request:
When we need to collect information from you, we will ask you to voluntarily supply us with the information we need. For example, if you would like to receive information about our services, you may email us and request information using your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We will use your e-mail address only to provide the information you requested, or to communicate news as you requested. If at any time you decide you do not want to receive this information, you may let us know by reply e-mail or use the form to request that we no longer contact you. Providing information to us using any of our on-line forms is voluntary and the information we collect is used only for the purpose for which the information was collected and is not shared with any other companies.

Rainbow Recovery Use of Information:
We treat the information that you provide to us as confidential information. It is, accordingly, subject to the Rainbow Recovery's security procedures and strict corporate policies regarding protection and use of information. We will only disclose this information to individuals at the Rainbow Recovery on a need-to-know basis and person(s) authorized by you. Patient and Alumni information is additionally protected under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Rainbow Recovery maintains strict compliance with each of these laws and regulations.

The laws applicable to personal information vary from country to country. The information we process and store is kept in accordance with the applicable United States legal requirements, which may not be as comprehensive as the data protection laws found in other countries, such as those in the European Union.

E-Mails and Opt-Out:
Our goal is to only send e-mails that are likely to be of interest to you. All e-mail is generated from Rainbow Recovery and not from an outside third-party e-mail service provider. Rainbow Recovery do not make e-mail addresses available to any partners in the Rainbow Recovery Network or to any others for their use. You may at any time request not to receive e-mails from Rainbow Recovery by replying to any e-mail with your request to opt-out.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties:
Rainbow Recovery prohibits the sale or transfer of personal information to anyone outside the Rainbow Recovery.

Links to Other Sites:
Other sites linked to by the Rainbow Recovery web site are offered for your convenience only. Rainbow Recovery are not responsible for the privacy policies of those sites, or for cookies those sites might use.

Legal Issues:
This is a United States web site and subject to United States law. Rainbow Recovery will disclose personal health information without your permission only when required by law, or in a good faith belief that such action is necessary to investigate or protect against harmful activities to Rainbow Recovery patients, staff, volunteers, alumni, property (including this site) or to others or as authorized by federal medical privacy rules under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Rainbow Recovery Privacy Statement Changes:
In the future, we may need to change the privacy statement. All changes will be made here so that you will always know what information we gather, how we might use that information and whether we will disclose it to anyone. Any changes made in the future will only apply to information collected after any new policy is established.

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